Welcome to JEND Solutions. We povide high standard software and database products and services

Our client, here in JEND Solutions, we provide standard software and database products and services. We make sure our clients' businesses grow using our software and/or databases.

People and businesses that succeed today always leverage or employ a piece of software to perform, and in some cases, automate some difficult tasks, and allow their businesses to grow while giving them more time to spend with their families and friends. Instead of spending days or weeks doing a particular task, our specialized package can do that for you in a matter of seconds.

We build high standard-quality websites for people and businesses that attract clients allowing their businesses to succeed both in the local and international market.

We develop highly optimized databases for people and businesses that enable them to have enormous size of sensitive and very vital information at their finger tips. We make sure your data is well refined for your needs and also secured.

In prospect, all our products, services and contracts (outsourcing) fall into three major areas:

  • Web Applications
  • Application Packages
  • Databases
Our Vision

To make day-to-day transactions easier for people, businesses, organizations, companies and associations.

Our Mission

To provide the best software and database solutions to speed up growth in every business, organization, company and association. To spare people more time with their families and friends by leveraging our applications to automate daily business processes. To enable every person, organization, companies and association to do their businesses with ease.

Our Core Values
  • To provide high-quality software/database products and services
  • To embrace and drive change
  • To be honest and fair in relationship with our clients
  • To ensure our clients' success
  • To strive for excellence
  • To be committed to what we do
  • To be passionate about what we do
Our Goal

To provide standard-quality software and database products and services to our clients

Our Objective
  • To research about state-of-art technologies for our clients' solutions
  • To use the latext technologies to build our clients' solutions
  • To deliver the solutions within deadline
  • To provide maintenance for our clients' solutions